From our office located close to the Port of New Orleans in Metairie, Louisiana, we manage the U.S. and International operations in close cooperation with our overseas subsidiaries and partner companies (GSA ™). By utilizing an exclusive network of partner/member organizations active in 33 U.S. States and 59 Countries around the world, USFGIS ™ can ensure consistency and quality of work where needed, while offering competitive rates.

USFGIS ™ is a true local solution for your (global) business and can get to the market in a fast and efficient way. USFGIS ™ and its members operate with high safety standards along with high quality and consistency of job training, reporting standards, and field work.



At USFGIS LLC we understand that not only your products, but also time and money are precious commodities.

Our website will include all of USFGIS activities and locations and will also contain a fully interactive web-based inspection and reporting system called i-NSPECT ™.

i-NSPECT ™ will not only reduce the traditionally large amount of paperwork used in our industry by about 75 percent, it will also significantly reduce the turnaround times in reporting and production of the necessary documentation and certificates towards our clients, train our inspectors and employees, provide them with the necessary templates for their reports, and will allow our GSA ™ (Global Superintendence Alliance) members to report according to our standards and protocol.

i-NSPECT ™ will allow our clients to receive, review and archive all their reports, documents, certificates and other information, in one place.

i-NSPECT ™ will consist of a variety of programs, i-REPORT – i-CERT – i-SAMPLE – i-ORDER – i-FORMS – i-TRAIN to be used, depending if you are a client, inspector or GSA ™ member.

i-NSPECT ™ seamless web based delivery of your reports, documents and electronic certificates.